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Режиссёром фильма выступил Дэнни Бойл, в главных ролях задействованы Майкл Фассбендер и Кейт Уинслет. Сценарий фильма основан на книге Уолтера Айзексона . Er6K1bwIVs Схожі лип. He, too, took artistic liberties with the. With its boldly theatrical . Here are things we learned: 1.

Compelling portrait of Apple genius has lots of swearing. Throughout the film , he likens himself to a great visual artist or composer – and when Woz asks him to define his . Click on to see the five other movies focused on the Apple co-founder. How much is real and how much made up?

Quite likely, the most boring film I have seen in years. Michael Fassbender offers a remarkable performance in this rapid and complex biopic. The movie is already being tipped for awards glory after a rough cut . No need to reboot again, because Hollywood has finally found its man.

Penned by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, the movie seemed like a surefire hit. What did the movie get right, and what did it get wildly wrong? It manages, against the odds, to make us care about its icy-hearted an.

According to a report in Variety, the movie debuted to a mere $7. Like the Apple founder, Bale is a perfectionist who cares so deeply about his craft that he can come across like a raging lunatic. It was, at first, a passing reference to recent biographies and . I am trying to understand how this film did so poorly in theaters. This one has all the working elements of a fantastic. Movies are a lot like people, too.

Great ones are not always good ones. Jobs was a force of nature, . And yes, people talk very fast. The film was directed by Danny Boyle.

The producers are Mark Gordon, Guymon Casady of Film 36 Scott Rudin, Boyle and Academy Award winner Christian Colson. But, it adds a new perspective on the increasingly well-known facts of his life. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, famed for making films and TV shows involving smart people talking while walking around corners, said at a . Yeah, you just (cut it).