Pierre lallement

Pierre Lallement is considered by some to be the inventor of the pedal bicycle. During the course of his life, Lallement managed to drastically improve the technical capabilities of the first generation of. Credited with paving the way for the modern-day pedal bicycle, his improvement consisted of two wheels placed “one directly in front of the other, combined with a. At that time he was working for M. Strohmayer, a Parisian maker of carriages for children and invalids.

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Spaces: Fill out application and mail to Ansonia Cultural Commission, . Improvement in Can tering . Name: Pierre Henri Robert Lallement. Spouse: Robin Ann Wormuth. Birth: date – city, Pennsylvania, USA. Residence: city, Centre, Pennsylvania, USA .

Some cycle historians believe that the idea for the pedal velocipede may have derived from an intermediate multiwheeled device rather than directly from .