Phyllostachys aureosulcata aureocaulis

Hardiness: -10° F Recommended for USDA zone through 10. Requirements of all bamboos: Like . Phyllostachys aureosulcata , the yellow groove bamboo, is a species of bamboo native to the Zhejiang Province of China. It is a running bamboo with a distinctive yellow stripe in the culm groove (or sulcus) that is often grown as an ornamental.

This fine bamboo has a bright, lemon yellow culm which gains a red blush in the spring when the new shoots are exposed to direct sunlight. It is among the most cold hardy bamboos and can grow just about anywhere in the United States.

It retains the robust nature and features of the species, with its wind-tolerance, exceptional hardiness, zig-zag lower growth pattern, beautifully striped emerging culm sheaths etc. The emerging canes are blushed pink in strong sunlight, making this a very attractive specimen. Attractive, tall , evergreen plant, with slender yellow stems and green leaves. Totally hardy and already potted to give you an instant display in your garden. As the plants establish they grow in clumps and are ideal for screening or dividing areas.

Planted into pots on the patio they will provide impact and interest, rustling in . The new shoots emerge yellow with horizontal green stripes beneath the node and a tinting . Good to know – excellent as a feature plant. Mature groves are good for tunnels.

Heavy stepping-stones will divert young growth and form . Charella Gardens provide the highest quality garden Bamboos. Sold exactly as shown in the picture! Stunning rich yellow canes: Delivery by Crocus. O bambusech pak můžete diskutovat v našem bambusovém fóru.

At the base of the plant the stems have a characteristic zig-zag shape. Ideal when planted as part of a hedge or in clumps. The leaves are dark green sometimes with white stripes.

Its comportment is upright. Sharing the same durable and resilient properties as the rest of the Phyllostachys , it is ideally suited to beginners and makes a quite stunning specimen plant. Vente directe Bambou Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Aureocaulis : Base de nombreux chaumes en forme de zigzag.

Feuillage vert foncé et lustré. Rozměry: výška 5-(9) m šířka různá (výběžkatý). Nároky: Humózní kvalitní propustná půda s celoročním dostatkem vláhy (V zimním období, kdy nemrzne je nutná občasná zálivka!!!).

Má rád slunné, před zimním mrazivým větrem chráněné stanoviště. Původ: Přírodní mutace původního druhu z Číny (Zhejiang). Seine Winterhärte dürfte, in Abhängigkeit von kleinklimatischen Faktoren, im Bereich von – 20°C bis.

This species has strong green erect culms with a yellow stripe.

The brightest golden bamboo we offer.