Invence antonymum

Synonyms for invent at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Find a better way to say it. Co znamená slovo invence ? Zde naleznete významů slova invence. Můžete také přidat význam slova invence sami.

Zdroj: slovnik-cizich-slov-online. Schopnost tvoøivého myšlení podmínìná talentem. Top antonyms for invent (opposite of invent ) are destroy, demolish and do in. Invent synonyms and Invent antonyms. Top synonym for invent (another word for invent ) is create.

Antonym definition, a word opposite in meaning to another. Fast is an antonym of slow. Did you use your common sense to eliminate Choice B? What word could possibly be the opposite of invent ? As far as we know, no word means “uninvent. Correct Answer: Choice A. OPAQUE (A) old-fashioned (B) angry ( C) . Definition: prove to be wrong. But then we should also consider whether we should invent a whole new wor like antergy, when antagonistic effect or antagonism might suffice.

Aug In this context what could be an antonym of prospection? I was wanting to include the suffix of -spection to imply some form of thought. Or could one invent an appropriate word using similar etymological processes? Do not invent words and post them here. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE WORDS YOU SUBMIT COME FROM A CERTIFIED DICTIONARY WEBSITE RATHER THAN A INVENTED OR FALSE-WORD SOURCE, SUCH AS URBANDICTIONARY.

COM OR THEDICTIONARYOFOBSCURESORROWS. Gloria is determined to change the ever darkening fate which engulfs her. This is where things went from distraction to diversion to mild disappointment.

Turns out that currently no such website exists! NB I have shared the antonym sentence .