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They are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of enclosures against intrusion from foreign matter (tools, dirt etc) and moisture. The ratings are determined by testing, . enclosure type intended use equivalent. The levels of protection are indicated by a code made up of two constant letters IP and two characteristic numbers for the degree of protection, e. No contact protection, no protection against solid particles and bodies. Protection scope Description. The types of pro- tection are also called IP codes.

The abbreviation IP stands for “ingress protection”. Standards Review, substantial agreement has been reached by directly and materially affected interests. Substantial agreement means much more than a simple majority, but not necessarily unanimity. Schutz gegen feste Fremdkörper) first index figure. Consensus requires that all views . Specification for degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code).

This standard describes a uniform system for classifying the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment with a rated voltage not exceeding 72. It gives definitions for . Similarly, changes in temperature which may occur for example in the open air are not taken into account. Such changes in temperature may cause a loss of pressure in the enclosure, and moisture may be absorbed through the seal area. BOPLA can supply pressure compensation elements for this.

Example: Proximity switch GN 896. The IP code indicates the level of protection that a device, such as an electronic switch, receives from its housing. First identification number:. View all product details.

Внимание: За цитирование норм и стандартов мы не берем на себя никакой ответственности! Первая цифра имеет два . Have IP ratings explained in this handy guide, including potential impact on your business. Read now, or download a free IP rating chart PDF for more info.

Dust test for first characteristic numerals and 6. The object of the test is to draw into the enclosure, by means of depression, a volume of air times the volume of the sample enclosure tested . Odolnost proti mechanickým nárazům – IK. Tabulka slouží pro zjištění odolnosti produktu vůči nárazu daného v Joulech z IK kódu. Výše uvedená schémata slouží jen jako pomůcka.