Coway ba13

There are dedicated wash nozzles for different wash functions. Additional bidet seat features include a heated toilet seat and warm air dryer. BAis its best selling model and what they became famous for.

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Ruime keuze uit staande toiletpotten, urinoirs en wandtoiletten. Bezoek ook onze showrooms. Daarnaast een groot assortiment toilet accessoires. The three part sensor system ensures safety by shutting off equipment in potentially hazardous conditions.

PBA molding forms a waterproof, airtight unit that prevents moisture penetration. During the initial stage of pre-cleaning the incoming water, the mesh filter removes particulate matters. Njen ergonomsko oblikovan sedalni del omogoča, da se tudi gibalno ovirana oseba z ne povsem ravno hrbtenico pri sedenju počuti varno in stabilno. Po opravljeni biološki potrebi vse funkcije krmilimo preko priloženega .

The BAis sleek and modern in design, the bidet boasts a contemporary edge featuring on trend stainless steel nozzles that require no cleaning. The crisp white colour of the BAemits a pristine feeling to the bathroom. The ultra slimline style of the bidet also incorporates . Higher Hygiene Standard. More Comfortable Cleansing . This modern and elegant design has subtle curves and soft lines that will enrich your bathroom whilst delivering uncompromising hygienic power and efficiency.

The technologically advanced design of this world renowned . Free shipping (UK and European Union)! No extra parts required! Elegant, extravagant design, advanced technology. Patented integrated nano silver disinfection system for.

Состояние товара: Новый: другое (см. подробнее). Der Artikel funktioniert einwandfrei und ist unbenutzt ( war nicht am Wasseranschluss eingeschaltet), ohne . A bidet that fits onto a standard toilet, replacing the existing toilet seat. It features rear or front cleansing, adjustable water pressure and a nozzle that moves from front to back for coverage.

It features warm water and a heated seat which are adjustable as well as warm air drying control.

Only bidet in the world. Stainless Steel Nozzles. FEATURES (REFER TO PAGE FOR DETAILS). FIT CLOSED COUPLED SUITE. Spray-width can be adjusted as well.

Use a narrow, concentrated spray or a wider, softer spray – whatever . Coway Electric bidet BA13a.